The JP Australia SUP All Round Air LE Inflatable Paddle Board is a perfect all round design that can do it all. The All round air LE stand up paddleboard will boost your confidence on flat water due to its generous volume and width which gives it stability and rigidity. The allroundair will also handle well in small surf.


The JP Australia boards are made from a drop-stitch construction allowing them to retain stiffness throughout the whole board.


The LE stands for "light edition" making the board much easier to carry and transport around. All of this is only achieved by using a special lamination bond during the material production. The All Round Air LE comes with an EVA standing area for superior grip, leash d ring, deck bungee, towing D ring, zipped back pack carry bag, high pressure single stroke pump and a fin.


This super stable bestseller is also also available in LE construction now and works in all conditions from flat water to small surf, for every rider from beginner to expert.


The 11’0″x34″ is a new size that will suit the most people getting into stand-up paddling due to the added width for stability and length for directional glide. To maximize the potential of this shape we have added a windsurfing option model as well – integrated mast plug and an additional center fin.



Full-on paddle AND windsurf boards!

When we came up with the inflatables, the windsurfers in our company were always curious how they would feel as a windsurf boards. So, we decided to make a sample and they liked it and saw some potential for these products. But the real surprise came when the riders of the JP windsurf team used them: they really liked these toys and it was obvious that they had a fun time on the water.

Enjoy both, windsurfing AND paddling!


* New LE construction
* New US-Box
* New foiled fin
* Full deck diamond grooved EVA pad
* Handle
* Deck bungee
* Leash D-Ring
* Towing D-Ring
* Repair kit
* Front zippered backpack
* High pressure pump



This combination of a light fiberglass shaft and a tough fiber-glass reinforced Polyethylene (PE) blade is a great alternative to heavy alloy paddles. Due to the longitudinal structural reinforcements, the PE blades are very light but also very stiff. They also feature a soft rubber edge for protection. ABS handle. The shafts have a horizontally roughened surface for a good grip. Blade: glass PE Shaft:  fiberglass with glossy rough finish Blade Area (Size): • 90 inch2 (17“ x 8.3“, 43 x 21 cm) 2-piece - Length: 5‘2“-7‘0“, 158-214 cm  |  Weight 850g 3-piece - Length: 5‘7“-7‘0“, 170-214 cm  |  Weight 940g

2016 JP AllRoundAir LE Inflatable Paddle Board 10'2x32x6

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