2018 Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Board

Size 145


Returning for continued fun on the foil, the 2018 Cabrinha Double Agent has been redesigned to keep things fresh above water or on (with or without a foil). Featuring a wood construction and a multitude of strap configurations, the less buoyant design of the Double Agent allows the board to be comfortably ridden with straps in any configuration possible, as well as strapless.


Cabrinha Double Agent Foil Board Review

The Cabrinha Double Agent foil is a fun, affordable, and above all easy-to-use foil. It is also pretty noisy.

The Cabrinha Double Agent Hydrofoil has a lot to like. The deck is a compression molded construction, a construction reminiscent of your standard twnitip (think Liquid Force Edge). This makes for a durable, light weight deck that’s ideal for travel. With the option to add fins, it can also be converted into a fun little surf skate directional. Because of the thin profile of the deck, the Double Agent is surprisingly easy to get up on without straps (although they are included). The thin rails make the board easy to pull up on its edge, and the deck pad has enough texture to help keep your feet in place long enough to take that first power stroke.

Once moving, the Double Agent is quite easy to get up on foil, great for lighter wind conditions. It comes standard with a 85cm mast, but a 40cm and 60cm can be purchased separately if you’d like to start on a smaller mast (great for learning and foiling shallow locations). The mast and fuselage are both an aluminum construction in keeping with the board’s durability. The wings are low aspect, which is the big reason the board comes up so quickly on foil. The compromise will be top end speed, but honestly if you’re after a fast foil you shouldn’t be looking at the Cabrinha Double Agent but rather something like the Slingshot Ghost Whisperer. This lower top speed can be seen as an advantage for someone who wants to comfortably cruise, maintaining a more in-control feel. Something to note is that the surface area of the wings are quite small (think short and squat), so the board will have a fairly loose and maneuverable feel. This is contrasted by foils like the Slingshot Hover Glide with its wider wings, resulting in more side-to-side stability. When put altogether, the Cabrinha Double Agent is a great board for someone looking to ride in light to moderate winds who still wants that feeling of maneuverability, and / or someone looking for a good durable board for travel.

Now on to the not so great. The vibrational noise you get from the board can best be described as the deep undersea echoings of a whale. This in turn diminishes that “cool factor” you get from foiling, that is riding 3 feet above the water in almost complete noiselessness. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about sneaking up on people as they’ll definitely hear you coming. Admittedly if you're riding at slower speeds the noise is less pronounced. Also, as this noise does come from vibration you may find yourself suffering foot fatigue sooner due to the extra movement.

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What to Know About Hydrofoils

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See what Cabrinha has to say about the 2018 Double Agent

One board. Two faces. Back for it’s third year the double agent is our fun performance hydrofoil board that converts into a surf skate directional. When mounted with one of our foil systems you’ll be up and soaring in well under 8 knots. The aluminum mast and fuselage, compression molded deck, and fiberglass wings offer the most solid and durable ride on the market. The low aspect front wing design allows for slower planing speed which helps get you up on the foil plane early. When configured with the four surf fins it doubles as a fun bump and jump style directional board.


Features and Benefits

  • Fun multi use board: foil / surf skate / wake surf
  • Easy to use and progress
  • Lively and responsive shape
  • Works well in a wide range of conditions
  • Compatible with our modular foil system
  • Board sold with deckpad, three footstraps, four TT Fins (2X 30mm, 2X50mm), and mounting hardware.

2018 Cabrinha Double Agent Foilboard -Hydrofoil

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