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2018 NP Combat BZ 3.5 ON SALE!

With all the protection of a 5mm thick suit, the 2018 Combat redesigns what you thought was possible in a wetsuit.  Comfortable and rated for cold temperatures (9-15°C / 48-59°F), this suit is a great buy for any professional boarder or diver.


What NP has to say about the 2018 Combat BZ :

The new Combat wetsuits blend material innovation with forward thinking design. New anatomical silhouettes enhance movement with advanced material ensuring protection, warmth, and durability. The combination of Yamamoto Limestone and Armor-Skin neoprene provides total body protection against the elements. The 5/4/3mm feels as warm as a 6mm wetsuit, so we added a 3mm for those ‘not so cold’ days. Other features include the all-new Bioceramic lining for heat retention and thermoregulation, and our stitchless suit technology, which is a combination of our NEG (Neoprene Elastic Glue) P-Skin+ and inner neoprene taping. Protection, warmth and durability designed to combat all conditions.



  • E3 Entry
  • Aqua Vents
  • SCS neck seal
  • Infrared back zipper
  • Griplock wrist and ankles
  • Inner melcro tape
  • P-Skin+ tape
  • Armortex 4 way stretch kneepads
  • Elastic key pocket with loop
  • Detachable ankle cinchers


Yamamoto Limestone Neoprene

Premium Japanese limestone-based neoprene that is 95% water impermeable compared to 70% for standard neoprene. This allows it to absorb less water, dr faster and provides more wind-chill protection. Yamamoto neoprene's unique cell structure has a 23% higher closed cell ratio for added buoyancy and flexibility. The cells are evenly spaced and filled with nitrogen gas that increases heat retention. Limestone is extracted through a much cleaner and environmentally-friendly process than petroleum which is why we chose to feature it in all our new wetsuits.


Bioceramic Thermal Liner

Ceramic materials have a long history of use, primarily in heat reflection and thermoregulation. Ceramic materials are widely used in medical and aerospace fields- ceramic coating is applied to the exterior of space shuttles to reflect solar radiation and astronauts wear tracksuits lined with bioceramic fabric. Bioceramic is a formula that consist of a mixture of non-toxic mineral oxides such as platinum, titanium and aluminium, and over 20 types of ceramic, which is then infused onto polypropylene fibers. On warm days, Bioceramic helps lower the internal surface temperature of the fabric to keep the rider cool and comfortable. Additonal benefits of bioceramics are its antibacterial and permanent anti-odor characteristics.  Our new Bioceramic Thermal Liner combines those extraordinary properties into a brushed polypropylene finished for the ultimate combination of warmth, lightweight, stretch and fast drying.



Our advanced Dri-Flex knitted outer jersey is super-light and dries in a fraction of time compared to standard neoprene. The waffle patterned finished also creates much more flex and sheds water faster. This dynamic jersey is fused with a polyester and spandex blend and combined with Yamamoto Neoprene making it over 95% water impermeable. Dri-Flex material is the lightest, warmest and stretchiest neoprene we have produced.



Exclusive hybrid neoprene that combines warmth and wind-chill protection of a mesh wetsuit with the durability of a double-lined suit.  Armor-Skin was inspired by triathlon wetsuits which have to stay flexible while repelling water to minimize drag.  Armour-Skin is made from APexl;Lite core, laminated with an elastic jersey and sealed with a waterproof, Super Durable Skin layer that cuts down wind-chill and protects the suit from wear and tear.


Anatomical Panel Shapes and Seams

Move as nature intended with our anatomically designed seams and panel layouts.  Curved seams, pre-shaped areas and contoured panel layouts combined with our extensive experience in wetsuit tailoring result in form-fitting suits that allow for maximum freedom of movement without restrictions.

2018 NP Combat BZ 3.5 Wetsuit

$409.99 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price
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