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AK Phazer Foilboard


5'4" x 24.5" 65L / 5'8" x 27" 90L / 6'0" x 28.5" 110L


What AK has to say about the Phazer Foilboard

Ultra-versatile foilboard.
Modular foil platform.
Surf , Pump, Wing, or Kite.

AK and Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, introduce an exciting new range of foils and boards, as perfect companion for foiling at every level. From the ultra-versatile Phazer foilboard to the modular foil platform, you can dial your ride to perfection.

The 5’4” – 6’0” AK Phazer foilboards feature reinforced footstrap inserts with 5 different forwards or backwards positions, with a 2.5cm (1”) spacing.

This enables the rider to be further forwards or backwards on the board, relative to their preferred stance width and foil position.

The rear strap is mounted over the centerline of the board, while the front strap has the option of being mounted over the center line of the board, or with a double or single strap at a 45-degree angle. This insert pattern allows for left or right foot forward riding off to one side of the deck or a single strap angled slightly over the center line.

The US Box foil mount on the bottom deck allows for quick and easy assembly and micro trim adjustment. These inserts are compatible with any standard 9 x 16.5cm foil plate system and are connected through to the deck of the board with high-density inserts.

Phazer 5'4": The Phazer 5'4" was developed with more advanced wing riders in mind. This shape is also ideal for entry level surf foiling, specifically for heavier riders.

Phazer 5'8" & 6'0": The Phazer 5'8" & 6'0" offer stable platforms ideal for wing boarding or the heavyweight surf foil rider.




Full biaxial carbon top deck.
Wood sandwich standing areas.
Heavy-duty foil connection.



Board User GuideWidthVolumePump/WakeKiteSurfWing
5'4"24.5"65LN/AN/A85 - 95kg60 - 80kg
5'8"27"90LN/AN/A90 - 100kg80 - 100kg

AK Phazer Foilboard - Wing Board

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