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Flysurfer Connect 2 Control Bar

Endless Options:

  • Freeride, Touring, Progression
  • 4th or 5th line Control Bar, FLS or B-Safe System
  • Beginner - Expert


  • 50 cm


  • Water / Land / Snow

Get ready for your greatest adventure and trust our CONNECT Control Bar! Enjoy unique multifunctionality. Switch between a Frontline Safety or the B-Safe 5-line system in no time. Choose and fly your kites on 14 m or 21 m flying lines depending on the given conditions. The light control bar guarantees optimal grip and maximum safety during your session.

Key Features:

  • LIGHT BAR STICK - The 0.34 kg light Barholm is color-coded with orange (left) and petrol (right). The back can be clearly distinguished from the front with a continuous gray design element. The ergonomically shaped, [M] 50cm long bar is protected by an EVA grip and lies comfortably in the hand. The non-slip surface guarantees optimal grip in wet and cold conditions.
  • SIMPLE QUICK RELEASE - The compact and reliable SIMPLE Quick Release fulfills the French standard (AFNOR) in terms of safety and release forces in the event of contamination. The compact designed chicken loop with stick secure the connection between the harness hook and the control bar and prevent unintentional unhooking. The handy release cap enables precise and low-resistance activation of the safety system in an emergency. The front lines can be turned out manually using the swivel located above the quick release.
  • B-SAFE SYSTEM READY - The CONNECT Control Bar has been specially configured for products with the B-Safe system. The 4-line FLS system can be converted to a 5-line system in just a few simple steps. After the release, the control bar slides up to 4 m along the 5th line, gathers the kite together and lets it fall down without generating any power. The B-Safe system requires a high split of the front lines (high Y) and a thin line with little air resistance. The PEAK and VIRON product lines have the B-Safe system.
  • ADJUST TO THE GIVEN CONDITIONS - Use the adjustment options of the flying lines to adapt the CONNECT Control Bar to the weather conditions or your driving style. Choose between 14 m and 21 m flying line length to increase reactivity or to reduce the wind window. The steering lines can be extended with the help of a knot ladder under the floaters. In order to be easy to use for every body size, the depower travel is exactly 45 cm. The Clam Cleat Adjuster can be used to gain a further 20 cm of depower travel.
  • Multi-Purpose - "Our recommendation for kiters who like to travel and start their next adventure. The lightest FLYSURFER Control Bar is a multifunctional control system that meets the highest safety standards. The CONNECT Control Bar can be used with 5 or 4 lines, the release distance is 3 m.

Highlights and Specifications:

  • Total weight 0.84kg (including flying lines and QR)
  • Frontline Safety (FLS) and B-Safe System ready (Raff-safety)
  • 21 m flying lines divided into 14 m with 7 m extensions
  • 45 cm depower path and 20 cm adjuster path
  • Compact SIMPLE Quick Release with AFNOR examination
  • Color separation of left / right and front / back
  • Knot ladder to extend the steering lines
  • Removable floaters
  • Low-wear safety end line with swivel ball
  • Integrable snowkite breakline

We recommend the CONNECT 2 Control Bar for the PEAK, VIRON kites.


  • "CONNECT2 Control Bar
  • SIMPLE Quick Release
  • 14+7 m Flying Line Set
  • B-Safe Line Set
  • 1x Safety Spare Line
  • CONNECT Bar Bag
  • Short Safety Leash
  • Bar Safety Guide"

The B-Safe System:

  • The CONNECT Control Bar has been specially configured for products which make use of our B-Safe system. The system guides the bar up a 5th line which in turn reefs the kite, bringing it down safely. We recommend this safety system for the PEAK4 and VIRON3 product line.

Frequesnly Asked Questions:

  • Can the CONNECT Control Bar be used with SOUL or SONIC or other FLYSURFER products? - Due to the 3 m long release path, SOUL, SONIC, STOKE, BOOST, VMG cannot be flown with the CONNECT Control Bar! In an emergency the kite cannot flag out after activating the safety system and still generats a strong pull. Its use is life-threatening! The CONNECT Control Bar can only be used with PEAK and VIRON!
  • Is the B-Safe system still usable if I shorten the flying lines of the CONNECT control bar? - Yes, the B-Safe system is fully functional with 14m lines, we recommend this length for training / school / strong winds.
  • Is the B-Safe system available for other FLYSURFER kites? - No, the B-Safe system is not available for the SOUL, SONIC, STOKE, BOOST and VMG product lines.
  • Can the B-Safe system be used to land kites? - Yes, the B-Safe system is ideal for the controlled landing of kites.
  • Why was the high Y chosen for this control bar? - The CONNECT control bar has been designed for low to medium aspect ratio kites and the high split (Y) of the front lines improves the bar feedback.
  • Is the CONNECT Control Bar also available as a 4-line setup? - No, the CONNECT system will only be available as a 5-line setup.
  • Is there a Chicken Loop for slider harnesses? - No, the SIMPLE Quick Release is only available in the current edition. Using a harness with a slider rope will damage the chicken loop.

Flysurfer Connect 2 Control Bar

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