Captain Kirk's Intro to kiteboarding is our starter class designed to get you started in the adrenaline-pumping sport of kiteboarding by safely learning the fundamental concepts and techniques of power kite flying. This is also perfect for anyone wanting to test out the sport without the two-day time investment of our camp. 


You may have seen kiteboarding on TV or while visiting one of California's great beaches, watching in amazement and wondering if you could partake in this amazing sport. Well, here is your chance to learn the basics of kiteboarding safely and have the chance to ask all those questions you have running around in your head! Am I strong enough? Do I weigh too much? Where can I ride? How much does it cost to start?

We'll cover everything you need to know about getting started in the adrenaline pumping sport of kiteboarding. Focusing on safety procedures and ground-based learning this two hour class is also great for the self-taught rider who missed out on critical information in the learning stages.

This on-land class covers rigging, line management, flying techniques, kiteboarding safety, rider responsibility, and trainer kite flying. Along with flying full size kiteboarding kites ranging in size from 4 to 17 square meters, you will learn how to rig a full-size kiteboarding kite and will become familiar with the different pieces of kiteboarding equipment.

If you sign up with two friends, we will take $50 off your lesson fee. That's right, you and your two adrenaline junkie friends can learn all about kiteboarding for just $99/person. Classes are limited to Four people per class.


*This lesson is not a replacement for a comprehensive lesson and provides no supervised water time.  For new riders, a two day camp or private water lesson would be recommended to complete your learning experience.

Start Time:


Thursdays: 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.**


**Additional times are available for groups of three or for an additional $50 depending on instructor availability. 


What We Cover:



Safety & Flying

Weather concerns Kites, boards, & harnesses Safety procedures Procedure review
Wind speed & direction Gear set up, rigging, & tear down Flying an inflatable kite Assisted launch/land
Wind window Set up troubleshooting Basic kite skills Self-launch/land
Obstacles & impediments Gear care Relaunch  
Suitable kiteboarding locations Personalized gear fitting


2 Day Camps & Private Lessons available

If you enjoy the lesson and want to continue on with the sport, we recommend that you sign up for a private lesson or two day camp. 

Intro to Kiteboarding Lesson

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