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The Peter Lynn Hype Trainer kite is the perfect kite for learning the basics as a kitesurf training kite and also great for a day out with the whole family. The Hype trainer is the bolder brother of the regular Hype coming with a two-line bar with a safety system and some cool colors.

The Hype Trainer is still incredibly easy to set up and fly so suitable for all ages and skill levels. Flying the Hype Trainer doesn’t need any prior kiting experience as its easy flying behavior ensures there are no sudden power surges when flying the kite. This brawny version of the Hype will inspire both children and adults to make a safe but serious start into power kite sports.

Sizes & colors:

  • 1.5m – Blue/Green

*sizes are measured in wingspan, eg, flat surface area of 1.8m is about 1.3m2


Peter Lynn Hype Trainer Package:

The Hype trainer comes as a complete package ready to fly.

  • Hype Trainer Kite
  • Hype Trainer kite bag
  • 2 Line Peter Lynn Trainer kite Bar
  • Pre Attached Dyneema Flying Lines pre-stretched and sleeved.
  • Instruction Manual



Peter Lynn Hype Trainer Features:

  • Pre-stretched, stitched Dyneema bridle
  • Double stitched bridle points
  • Dirt channel & velcro dirt-outs on wingtips
  • Extremely durable, high quality 40D Mirai ripstop nylon top & bottom skin and 70D Mirai ripstop nylon profiles.
  • For a fun day at the beach or in the park
  • For all ages and no experience needed
  • Great control and easy handling
  • Easy set-up with pre-attached lines
  • Reliable power and superb stability
  • Easy re-launch



Velcro dirt-outs: Keep it dirt free. When setting up your kite there is always a chance that sand or other debris gets inside the kite, this of course can disrupt the flight characteristics. Sand and other debris tends to accumulate in the wingtips where it can be removed through the Velcro dirt-outs

Double-stitched-bridle-point: Double stitched bridle points: A reliable connection. This construction method is very strong and prevents the bridle points from ripping out in hard crashes. Add to this the fact that there is a very well thought out and minimal bridle on the Peter Lynn Hype trainer kite the chance of tangles is almost non-existent

Stitched Dynacore bridle loop

Pre-stretched Dyneema bridles

Velcro bridle loop

Webbing reinforced air intakes

Mirai high tenacity fabrics

2-line bar

Peter Lynn Hype trainer Kite Kitesurfing 1.5m & 1.8m

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