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Kiteboarding is an amazingly free feeling. Think about it: flying on and above the water, powered only by the wind! But first, you’ll need a board to stand on. There are several kiteboard categories:

  • Twin tips

  • Raceboards

  • Foilboards

  • Sufboards

Raceboards and hydrofoil boards are more specialized boards that provide a unique performance. Twin tips are the most common kiteboards and will provide a more accessible and wider range of use.

Beginners should get a larger kiteboard 

  1. 115lbs to 150lbs - 134x41cm size kiteboard (or more)

  2. 150lbs to 180lbs - 140x43cm size kiteboard.(or more)

  3. 180lbs to 210lbs - 142x45cm size kiteboard.(or more)

  4. 210lbs and up - 146x46cm size kiteboard. (or more)


Flysurfer Rush Freestyle Wakestyle Kiteboard



Freeride, Big Air, Lightwind

The RADICAL6 is comfortable, fast and responsive – the ultimate all-round kiteboard line. Experience a new riding experience sensation with balanced flex and revised rocker curve. Maximum control, directional stability, less spray and high comfort in all conditions.

Made in EU

Since Flysurfer manufacturs its boards within Europe, it can guarantee the highest precision and quality, and ensure that only the best materials are used in their construction.

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