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We are the longest-running Kitesurfing school in Southern California.  Become the best you can with efficient & experienced training methods and the latest quality equipment.  Choose the Right Package for you. Join our Family  & Feel free to call us at: 310-833-3397

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Beginner Lessons and/or Intermediate

  • 2 hours| incl Private Lesson includes gear : $200

Captain Kirk's has been kiteboarding since the very beginning.

Established in 1979

Riding and teaching since 1998, and since 1987, the longest existing windsurfing school and retail store within three counties surrounding LA. We have taught over 60,000 new students about water, land, and snow.  

Our comprehensive kiteboarding instructional program has continued to evolve with advancements in equipment and instructional techniques.  

We have the most friendly, knowledgeable, internationally renowned instructors, teaching on only the very top brands of gear.

We are based in one of the biggest and best beginning kiteboarding areas in California, Belmont Shore, Long Beach. Our international students and riders have informed us that there is no better school than Captain Kirk's anywhere in the world.  

We are affiliated with the most prestigious Kiteboarding associations such as IKO (International Kiteboarding Association).

We are affiliated with CONI (The National Olympic Committee) and strictly adhere to the nationally recognized teaching standards for Hydrofoiling and Hydrofoil racing.

We hold one of the only 3 permits to teach kiteboarding in Long Beach.  This allows Captain Kirk's students access to an ideal, surf-free, uncrowded learning area with consistently perfect winds. Out of three schools, we are the only established school with an actual store located only 4 miles from our Kitesurfing school.

Kiteboarding Lesson Requirements

All of our lessons require riders to have a minimum weight requirement of 80 lbs. If you’re under 18-years old, we will need a parent or a legal guardian to sign a waiver. We also require our students to be able to run and swim.

No Wind? No Problem!

We will go over everything else that you need to know for kiteboarding, such as wind directions and safety, kite setup, and the basics of launching and landing kite as well as self-rescue. We will give you an in-store credit or refund for any unused portion of your lesson.

Ready to Make a Reservation?

If you’re ready to start your kiteboarding career on the right foot, give the shop a call at 1-310-833-3397.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

You may cancel your lesson or camp up to 7 days prior to the lesson for a full refund. We will do our best to reschedule lessons to accommodate yours and the instructor’s schedule. Any cancellations 24 - 48 hours before your lesson will result in no refund. When rescheduling, please remember that we have a limited number of spaces available for each lesson. Any cancellations may result in another potential rider losing their spot for a lesson. Thank you for being in this regard.

Searching for the best kitesurfing scholl Captain Kirk's

"My Kitesurfing class was awesome. GP is very knowledgeable. He was super-kind, helpful, conscientious, patient, and an enjoyable teacher. I've always been confident in the water, but for some reason - perhaps the insecurity of youth - I used to think I didn't have enough balance. GP helped get rid of those silly thoughts and boost my confidence. In other words, he helped take the intimidation away and showed me useful skills. I will definitely be back. Highly recommend.”  Danah


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"This is my second lesson with Bobby Bluehouse at Capt. Kirk's Water Sports. First, we quickly reviewed skills learned from the prior lesson and I demonstrated my progress from individual practice. Bobby corrected a few things and we moved on to the water. I was up and riding in short order. I actually rode and came in to the beach with my kite in the air and my board in my hand. A first and very exciting. Then it was back to the beach so I could improve my kite flying. Bobby is pushing me to edge more and go upwind. I like that. I am not looking for a baby sitter. I am looking for someone to guide me safely to becoming an independent kiter. I have no doubt that Bobby is the guy to do it." Jack


Hooked on Kitesurfing!

I would like to give a big thank you Bobby and Nina from Captain Kirk's Water Sports! They are incredible instructors and skilled kitesurfers who I felt lucky to have received lessons from! They helped give me the confidence to go out in the water for the first time, and were cheering me on from the beach as I stood up! I was so stoked and they were right there on the beach sharing it with me which I really appreciate! Their feedback after each ride was so helpful as it allowed me to immediately fix what I did wrong and correct it on my next ride. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, and I hope I see them when I go out and kitesurf on my own at Belmont Shore! Anyone looking to become a knowledgeable, self-sufficient kitesurfer should take lessons from Bobby or Nina. They will teach you all the skills you need to be comfortable practicing on your own!

Samantha C.

Los Angeles, California

Captain Kirk's makes the sport of kiteboarding fun, safe, and accessible to riders of all levels. Once I scheduled my lesson thru their site, I was immediately contacted by staff member/owner Sabrina, who got a sense of my skill level and comfort zone. Until I began my lesson, the staff was in constant contact with me about gear preparation, wind forecasts, meeting locations, etc...

My lesson was fun, engaging, and comfortable. My instructor, GP, was enthusiastic and professional while always keeping the focus on me as the student. In the two hours I was there, I learned how to launch my kite, do a water start, and even got some riding time in! Regardless of your level, if you want to get into kiteboarding in a safe and fun way, go to Captain Kirk's. Can't wait to watch this sport grow!

Michael Rea

City, State

I had the privilege to learn kite-boarding with the very best Giampiero Alferoni. Giampiero is a kite-boarding veteran with impressive kite-boarding skills. He has the talent to make kite-boarding easy, fun and safe to learn. I have seen many of Giampiero's students become enthusiastic kite-boarders, just as I have become one too. Giampiero continues to care for his students and former students as he and his team are a constant presence and social center on the Long Beach Belmont Shores' kite-boarding area during the windy season from Spring to Fall. If you are interested in this exciting sport, I recommend learn with the best, and connect with Giampiero at Captain Kirk's Kiteboarding.

Gerhard B

Eagle Rock, Los Angeles

As a repeat customer of Captainkirks I can vouch from experience and highly recommend  taking lessons and purchasing water sports supplies from this organization.  I have taken kiting lessons from other companies and never had such great attention and customer service from the instructor and owner. She let me demo one of her own personal kites. Now that is really going the extra mile to help a customer make an informed decision.  As well as the new store in Long Beach has great inventory as well as pizzazz.  Thank you so much Coach and Sabrina. We'll be back this summer

Hans K

Gillette, WY

Definitely would take more lessons with Captain Kirk's again! Great energy & you actually learn new things! The instructor was awesome and so chill. Can't wait for my next lesson! 

Timothy B

Redondo Beach, CA

I am blown away at the experience my 9 years old son is having at Captain Kirk's. The staff and instructors are amazing.. truly exhilarating experience for my son! Highly recomended

Wendi P.

West Hollywood, CA

Excellent and thorough instruction I took 10 hours of kitesurfing with Adam at Captain Kirk's in La Ventana, Mexico. Adam was the best instructor I have experience in any sport -- so patient, thorough and positive. The learning curve in kitesurfing is steep, but he broke it down into such manageable steps that I felt comfortable all the way through. I learned to rig and launch the kite, do water starts both ways and was just beginning to get some short rides, so was very happy with my progress. It was a positive experience overall, and made me want to continue learning and pursuing the sport.

Leslie Ellis

North Vancouver, Canada

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