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Very pristine amazing 15 meter Gin SPIRIT Foil Kite retails for over $2300, it’s the king of BigAir foil kites and also an incredible light wind kite machine. 


2022 Best seller closed cell foil kite. The listing is for a barely used 15m Gin Spirit in excellent conditions. No damages. No repairs. 


This is guaranteed to be a AAA+ quality control test by our Foil Kites PRO Center. 


Great crispy canopy, great pulleys and great lines. This is an incredible high performance kite for a small fraction of its price. 


Huge stability. Great for water, land and snow. Incredible lifting. Amazing kite for twintip and/or hydrofoil. Unbeatable water relaunch. 



The SPIRIT’s lightweight construction makes it great in low wind conditions without sacrificing its strong wind capabilities.

The technology & design make for an extremely agile kite, which helps you master any maneuver you want. 



“Overall the behavior of the Spirit is very close to an inflatable kite and will appeal to a wide range of kiters. The benefits of a foil kite are significant for all riders and these ‘accessible freeride’ offerings do offer a genuine alternative to inflatable kites – for us the Spirit is a very impressive showcase of this segment of the market and has the capacity to add a new dimension to your sessions. “ 



The Spirit we tested was the 10m. The 10m has a recommended wind range of 11-23 knots with a wingspan of 7.7 meters. Weighing in at 1.6 kg, it’s not only as light as a feather, but it will get you out in the slightest of breeze!

“It’s clear to state that the Spirit from Gin Kiteboarding is a great all-around foil kite. Whether you’re a beginner getting into foil kites or someone who regularly competes, this kite can benefit all levels of riders and allow them to progress quickly within the sport of kiting and foiling. Foil kites are definitely something you should try before you buy. They offer a different riding experience, so it’s important you understand this and then give it a go. It’s always interesting seeing what the L.E.I kite riders think of foil kites, but with the Spirit, there’s not a lot that can go wrong!”




“Sporty, agile and with plenty of power, the Spirit appeals primarily to more experienced foilers and freeriders who have the necessary sensitivity at the bar and are looking for an all-rounder with race DNA.”


15 Meter Gin SPIRIT Foil kite Kitesurfing Kiteboarding BigAir Light Wind

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