The new Fringe is the progressive, super-light, minimalist wave sail featuring soft and feather light handling, unlimited maneuverability, great low-end power and easy high wind control.

Fringe is the ultimate super lightweight surf sail for easy handling through radical maneuvers. Excellent low end power and flexible "up" lift gets you moving keeps you loose and incredibly reactive on the water. Large mono film window provides easy visibility through the sail for choosing your line through the water. Precise carbon stretch control provides excellent stability throughout a very large wind range. Fringe is well suited to modern, higher volume, multi-fin boards. Using a higher volume board helps take advantage of the excellent low-end power of the Fringe, and also allows you to use a smaller sail size overall to maximize control and maneuverability. Fringe is also an excellent choice for lighter weight riders who rely on finesse over strength when sailing because of it’s incredibly light handling weight.

2017 Goya Fringe

    2.8 133 305 310 RDM Adjustable 3
    3.0 136 315 310 / 340 RDM Adjustable 3
    3.3 140 340 340 RDM Adjustable 3
    3.5 141 357 340 RDM Adjustable 3
    3.7 145 367 340 RDM Adjustable 3
    4.0 148 377 370 RDM Fixed 3
    4.2 151 387 370 RDM Fixed 3
    4.5 155 397 370 RDM Fixed 3
    4.7 158 407 400 RDM Fixed 3
    5.0 161 417 400 RDM Fixed 3
    5.3 167 427 400 RDM Fixed 3
    5.5 170 437 430 RDM Fixed 3
    5.7 173 447 430 RDM Fixed 3
    6.3 180 457 430 RDM Fixed 3
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