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The B2 is where beachwear and function meet to create a unique product. Many riders embrace the feeling of a seat harness but are not always comfortable with 'that look'. The B2 is the perfect solution! When creating this harness, we made sure it stylishly offered all the benefits of a seat harness in a high-performance package. This year the B2 comes in a trendy colorway and features improved leg straps and shorts.
The B2 comes with ION's C_Bar 2.0 which already includes the stainless steel kite hook.


C-Bar 2.0 ION's kite spreader bar C-Bar 2.0 comes with a stainless steel hook. The easy-to-use tension lever system allows for fast attach and release of the harness without having to constantly adjust the webbing. The bar comes without rope, which can be added as an option. Thanks to the modular hook system you can easily upgrade the spreader bar to suit your personal preferences.

Includes Kite Safety Knife




Size USAWaist (IN/CM)
X-Small25 - 29 / 63.5 - 73
Small28 - 31 / 71 - 78
Medium30 - 33 / 76 - 83.8
Large32 - 35 / 81 - 89
X-Large34 - 37 / 86 - 94

2021 Ion B2 Kiteboarding Seat Harness Kitesurf shorts

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