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Extreme Freeride Kite

The delta hybrid design of the brand new ExtremeSeries kite allows riders to break the boundaries of big air. Its extreme boost amazes even obsessive adrenalin addicts.

Includes: kite and bag


Performance Features of the XS Kite

  • Five-strut delta hybrid design for adrenaline addicts and boosting freaks

  • Extreme big air kite with an explosive lift and long hang time

  • Massive grunt in all wind conditions for freeride versatility

  • Ultra-sturdy construction for maximum stability and longevity

  • Rapid yet controllable flight characteristics


                Eleveight XS Design Vision

                "Our latest addition to our kite range, the XSeries, was created for the needs of adrenalin addicts seeking a kite to break the boundaries of big air. The XS has a sophisticated delta hybrid design with a high aspect ratio, featuring a massive angle-of-attack. This design is as grunty as it gets, delivering raw power, skyrocketing riders into unknown spheres. We embedded it in our range right between the FS and RS. It is more of a big air kite than the FS, and more aggressive than the RS. This kite is a tool for hardcore riders that mainly want to fly. Due to the long hang time, it is perfect for old school hooked-in tricks. Hence we paid attention to ensure easy upwind travel so that the riders can focus on flying back downwind. As it is intuitive to steer and extremely responsive, the timing of takeoffs is a breeze. Commit pulling your backhand, sheet in, pop, and you are catapulted into the sky, leaving the crowd in shock. In megaloops, it develops a staggering forward momentum that will leave you ecstatic for days. It is Arthur Guillebert’s weapon of choice to chase storms. Add this kite to your quiver to break your personal best in big air." -Eleveight

                2022 Eleveight XS V2 Kiteboarding Kite

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