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After over 30 years designing paragliders, Bruce Goldsmith and the team naturally wanted to apply their know-how to their other love – kites.

This is a closed cell kite and it comes complete to fly with its bar.



Stable, universal, and lightweight this closed-cell tubeless kite is ideal for twin tip, foil, snow, and land kiting.

  • ALULA - Simulation Software
  • Cord Cut Billow (CCB)
  • Easy Relaunch
  • Rock-Solid Stability



Technology is moving forward at a pace, bringing some exciting new developments in kite design. Thanks to our cutting-edge simulation program, ALULA, we’re experiencing something of a revolution. Say goodbye to burst tubes, broken pumps, and oversize bags, and hello to the Koala. Our new tubeless closed-cell twin-tip and foil kite are super-versatile with great performance and rock-solid stability.

Free flying went through a big change in the ‘80s and ‘90s as paragliders started to outnumber hang gliders. We predict a similar shift in the world of kiting, as heavy plastic inflatable tube kites give way to lightweight and versatile foil kites.

The Koala was designed with cutting-edge software and manufactured with the latest materials and techniques. With fast-inflating closed cells, a load-calculated internal structure, and a mix of high-tech ripstop cloths it is durable and easy to handle. Re-launching is easy, and a clever drainage system means the water evacuates quickly. Not only does the Koala offer performance, stability, and long hang-time potential but its versatility might just be its killer blow: one kite works for a wide range of wind strengths, so travel is a breeze, and luggage-space worries a thing of the past. Simple. Just get on out there and have fun!



The Koala is for open-minded athletes who want to ride the wave of progression. If you have been toying with switching from tubes to tubeless, this is your gateway kite. Bruce’s vision: “It started before I can remember anything. A spark from the first sight of flight. The dreams, the fascinations, and the deep burning desire flooded in. I had to have wings, to float, to soar so I took to the sky at 16 and haven’t looked down since. I remember thinking, why isn’t everyone doing this? It is just so amazing!”

Does this sound familiar? As riders, pilots, and dreamers we have found each other on the water, on top of mountains, and in the sky because we have all followed a similar path. Our passions have brought us together and we share that unique bond. We live to feel that sensation of floating, soaring, drifting, carving, so at Airwave our mission is to make kites that make you feel connected to the air, to the waves, to our dreams.



When you eat, sleep, and breathe air sports your imagination eventually lands on, “how can I make this feel better?”

After over 30 years designing paragliders, Bruce Goldsmith and the team naturally wanted to apply their know-how to their other love – kites. Passionate paraglider pilots and also kitesurfers, they ploughed their hearts and enthusiasm into making a great kite. A kite that is not only stable and has great performance, but one which feels great: easy, safe, and fun in all disciplines. And so began the Koala project.

The ALULA simulation software was my PhD project, and it has been paramount in developing the Koala. It has meant we can concentrate on individual characteristics and can test almost unlimited virtual prototypes until we get the results we are looking for. We think with the Koala we have created the most stable foil kite out there! After months of work and re-work, and loads of fun testing the real prototypes, what flew out of the factory is an ultra-responsive, rock-solid, supercharged, foil kite. We can’t contain our excitement. The Koala is our first product. We believe it reflects our passion and feels amazing!









Big Air80%

Freestyle: 100%

Freeride: 100%

Entry: 50%



Koala Kite / Kite Rucksack / Line Set / Airwave Kite Bar / Repair kit / Bar Bag / Manual Card 



TOP SURFACEPorcher Skytex 38g/m²
BOTTOM SURFACEPorcher Skytex 38g/m²
INTERNAL STRUCTUREPorcher Skytex 38g/m² Hard
NOSE REINFORCING2.7mm flexible reinforcement
MIDDLE LINESEdelrid Magix Pro 8000U
LOWER LINESEdelrid Magix Pro 8000U
BRAKESEdelrid 8000U series

Airwave KOALA FOIL Closed Cell Kite & Bar Kitesurf - Snowkite - Landkite

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