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Product Details:

Chinook 40% Carbon SDM will rig your sail how it was designed and provide years of performance without breaking the bank. Constant curve bend characteristics work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market. 40% carbon content provides excellent reflex response to maintain desired sail shape. Remaining composite material further increases durability.


Color coded mast sizes.

Bag sold separately

Chinook Full Year Warranty.

**This item qualifies for oversize shipping charges. Any additional fees will be added for review at checkout.
If the size you are looking for is not listed, we are temporarily out of stock. Please check back or contact us for availability.


ItemIMCS StiffnessIMCS Bend CurveFlex TypeWeight
400cm1963B / 77TConstant Curve4.4 lbs. or 2.0 kg
430cm2163B / 77TConstant Curve5.0 lbs. or 2.27 kg
460cm2563B / 77TConstant Curve5.8 lbs. or 2.64 kg
490cm2863B / 77TConstant Curve7 lbs. or 3.16 kg



  • Product Type Masts
  • Brand: Chinook Sailing Products
  • Collection: Masts Carbon

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CHINOOK Mast 40% Carbon SDM

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