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Fine-tune your twintip ‘on the fly’ with the innovative REVO grab handle customising rocker and flex with a simple twist of the hand.


The REVO is a completely new innovation to the kiteboarding scene. Never before has one small accessory had the power to change the performance parameters of your twintip. Easy to assemble on any Eleveight board, the rocker and flex can be altered mid-session specifically to suit the conditions you’re in. 



  • Fine-tune your board ‘on the fly’
  • Customize Twin Tip Flex and Rocker for any condition.
  • Adjust between modes with a simple turn of the handle.
  • Innovative and light construction
  • Easy to assemble

This bar comes without its box.  Its a brand new bar.

Eleveight Twintip Grab Handle Adjustable Kiteboard Kitesurfing Board

$99.99 Regular Price
$69.99Sale Price
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