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2021/22 Best Seller Foil Kite


SIZES: 6 | 8 | 10 | 12 | 15 m2

IKA Approved Closed-Cell Foil Kite

  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Designed for Freeride and huge boosting & Hangtime.  Predictable. Sturdy.


The Gin Kite SPIRIT is a closed-cell foil kite dedicated to Freeride, developed by Hans BOLLINGER and brought to perfection by MAXIME NOCHER (11 times world champion).

Perfect on water, land, or snow, this versatile kite will allow you to learn or surpass yourself regardless of your support (Foil, Surf, Twin Tip).


  • Optimized for all conditions, the Gin SPIRIT is a very predictable kite. It is a phenomenal Kite for jumping and hangtime.  



The SPIRIT’s lightweight construction makes it great in low wind conditions without sacrificing its strong wind capabilities.

The technology & design make for an extremely agile kite, which helps you master any maneuver you want.



The SPIRIT is an “all-around” kite that delivers constant power already at low speeds. Its light and direct bar feel like you navigate with an easy-to-fly and highly reactive kite.



The SPIRIT requires little helm adjustment as it eliminates wind variations. This provides comfortable, effortless steering.


MAXIME NOCHER, 11 Times Race World Champions, a professional kitesurfer and founder of the FLYMAAX brand, decided to support GIN KITEBOARDING for its production quality and innovation strategy (MARABOU, SHAMAN, KILAIA, etc.).


Maxime has already set his sights on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, where a kitesurfing event has been added to the program. He hopes on this occasion to shine and win the title of Olympic Champion on the waves of the Mediterranean Sea, where he learned everything since the kite races will take place in Marseille.


Gin SPIRIT Foil Kite Reviews:


  • Erwin V. (Long Beach, CA)

Many thanks to Sabrina from Captain Kirks in Long Beach, CA for allowing me to test the Gin Spirit 8M at Belmont Shores, CA with 13-17knots conditions (12M lines), and compare it to my Flysurfer Soul version-1 quiver.

From the initial beach launch, I noticed how quickly the Spirit inflated with the minimal flapping of the wingtips. Also, the power generated from the surging of the Spirit felt more like a 10M Soul, and was actually able to be lifted by simply pulling down on the bar. In the water, the flying characteristics were user-friendly and similar to the Soul, but the Spirit seemed faster going upwind. However, when the Spirit is downlooped, it will generate even more power at the end of the loop, which is consistent until you slowly bring the kite back up sheeted-out or direct your board towards the kite. Fortunately, the wing-tips did not fold and the Spirit never flew over me but tends to stop at the edge of the wind-window, possibly due to the design of the bridles connected at the right areas...simply an amazing kite that is great for beginners to intermediate kiters.

Spirit Pros

Spirit Cons -

PROS: launching: minimal flapping -

CONS: added pigtails to match my line setup -

PROS: more usable power -

CONS: power surge expected at the end of the downloop -PROS: stronger/durable pulleys -

CONS: a little longer deflation time due to one exit velcro-opening -PROS: higher performance -

CONS: may be the last foil kite you buy for freeriding (that is a Cons for the dealer but a Pros for the kiter :D )

For more information, you can contact Sabrina at the link below.... Happy Kiting! 


  • Brenton C.

" Had my first full session today with Sir Gin today... Wind gusts up to 25 steady and all I'm going to say is that for the size of the sail... I am beyond pleased with how graceful it cuts through the air I mean give me a break this thing is ridiculous..... It's like getting my first wife all over again... Warm fuzzies all over the place I was able to boost I'm not even going to say how high because you won't believe it but to come down like Mary Poppins was awesome thank you again Sabrina... and thank you, Captain Kirks"


  • Andrew M (Seal Beach, California)

"I had a blast on the 10m Spirit yesterday at Seal Beach. It's incredible how much lift the kite has when you pull in the bar. " Happy Customer.


  • Norm K. (Fort Lauderdale/Florida):

"A new kite, Gin Spirit, is definitely a step up from the old Flysurfer Soul.  More responsive feels sharper, turns faster. Feel the kite go into the power zone. Makes the Soul feel sluggish"


  • Scott P

"I have been flying the Spirit for about 2 months now and have since sold all of my other kites.  It is the most stable, fast-flying foil I have ever flown.  The response time is great for boosting big air and just messing around on the water.  It’s nice to have a kite that you know exactly where it is at all times and responds like a much smaller kite.  My Spirit 12 and 15 and my twin tip all fit in one bag so traveling is a breeze.  Thank you, Scott P"


  • Arthur K.

"I've had the Gin Spirit 12 m kite for about a month now. It's been nothing but a pleasure to fly with it. It is a very solid kite, extremely responsive, fast, has big power, and is predictable. Its simple operation allows me to feel fully in control, relax and focus on enjoying my sessions to the fullest. It's a great kite!"


  • Stan - Hawaii

"Last night 1st flight on 10 meter Spirit.  Yes, The jumps are very floaty! And controlled!  Very nice soft landings. It was only 12 or 13 to 15 knots, Almost 16 or 17.   

About 23 meter lines but my back lines were not quite tight enough!!!! I will fix that today

So the kite works very well in light wind I wish there was more bar pressure like the Chrono!!

Maybe I will have more bar pressure when I tighten up my back lines about four or 5 inches

But all in all, I can see IT is excellent IN light wind what was strange was it didn’t seem like the Kite had that much depower considering how nice the jumps were.  I did enjoy the kite it’s very stable and predictable and so I think it has better POP  than my 10 m ZEEKAI.  OPEN CELL.  HQ kites

Let’s see if I get a little more bar pressure when I tighten up my back lines

Update: Late yesterday I retuned  my bar and lines so now I have sufficient back line pressure and the kite flew beautifully I was very impressed and the wind was only 11 miles an hour maybe possibly 12 at the very most but it got super light I couldn’t believe how quickly the kite moves through the air it has excellent speed. And that I was able to kite surf in that light of wind it blew my mind so I really like the 10 and you got me thinking about a 12."

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GIN SPIRIT Foil Kite Kitesurfing - Freeride - BigAir Kiteboarding

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