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Ideal for Foil Kites

The bar comes in two sizes: 



Lines: 4 Lines

Lines Lenght: 19m (15+2+2)

  • For optimal use, we recommend using the Gin Foil Bar with the Gin Spirit, Gin Instinct HB, and the Gin Marabou V2
  • This Foil Bar is compatible with other Foil Kite Brands



The Gin Foil bar is the foiler’s ultimate control system. Designed with high-quality materials, it is durable, smooth, and functional. Trimming has never been easier or more precise, with no compromise on durability. At first glance a standard aluminum tube, but still offers all the advantages of a carbon bar thanks to its double-pulley system, it's long depower and its adapted line length, making it an exceptionally performing tool.






Gin Foil bar is characterized by different elements that make it precise and durable. It features a double pulley system with quick trim adjustment, which allows the rider to maintain maximum power while staying precise. The depower is made with high-density technology that reduces wear when sheeting in and out. It also allows you to maneuver and trim the kite easily. The chicken-loop swivel (swivel system) allows you to cancel any twists on the front flying lines and on the leash. To unwind the twists after a jump with one or more rotation(s), it is easy to turn the bar first to cancel the twist on the rear flying lines, then to pull the bar down.



It is possible to adjust the leader lines using the knot scale inside the movable floats. The black stopper ball lets you choose the position of your bar when you let it go. The position of the ball defines the maximum depower you will have when you release the bar. The closer to the power adjustment strap you set the ball, the more depower available, and the bigger your margin of safety



The Gin Foil Bar is slim and slight, allowing you to ride comfortably under control. The bar itself weighs 1.1 kg and has very precise finishing touches. With a resistance of 300 kg each, the lines are extremely strong. A nano leash is also included with the bar.
As a new feature, it is equipped with the new quick-release push-away design. The click-in loop is the new push-away quick release with an innovative one-step Click-In reload function that is incredibly intuitive. The release handle fits comfortably in the hand and is quick and easy to activate by pushing it away.

GIN FOIL BAR CONTROL BAR with extension lines

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