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Innovative! The ONLY single-skin kite on the market designed for the water ·

Gin Kiteboarding MARABOU V2  Now in stock!! 


The Gin Marabou 2 is the very first hybrid kite in the world that combines a single surface and the construction of a closed-cell kite, thereby openingup brand new perspectives. This small, versatile kite generates exceptionalpower, which makes it perfect for twintipping, foiling, and surfing. Thanks to its incredible stability and reliability, the Marabou 2 is an intuitive and user-friendly kite. 




Better than ever!  Improved from its V1

Construction: 70% unsinkable sail




  • Model: 22/23
  • Level: beginner, intermediate, advanced
  • Surface: 4m², 6m², 8m², 10m², 12m²
  • Shape: single skin
  • Comes unmounted, without a bar



  • First single skin kite on the market designed for the water
  • Innovative construction: 70% unsinkable sail
  • Twin-tip or surf foil board, small and light sail, generating extraordinary power
  • Stability and simple, intuitive use
  • Light and compact
  • Single skin kite with closed boxes and leading-edge
  • Great power for its size
  • Stability, depower, and handling
  • Easy to take off again
  • Accessibility and easy to use
  • Exceptional light wind performance


GIN Marabou V2 Now   310-833-3397






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GIN Marabou V2 -Single Skin Foil hybrid Kite - Kitesurf Snowkite Landkite

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