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The Shaman 3, is more stable, lighter and safer. During the past few years, we worked hard on our R&D development to gather it all in just one kite, designed for all-level riders. Exploring with a kite has never been so accessible.



The bridles on the SHAMAN 3 offer a more reactive turn, while retaining the iconic stability of the kite with a huge depower.



  • The bridles on the SHAMAN 3 offer a more reactive turn, while retaining the iconic stability of the kite
  • The inter-cells are protected by an extra-thin border and all bridle attachment points are equipped with a super-light reinforcement. The SHAMAN 3 is solid but feather-light!
  • We have equipped the top bridles with grey lines to improve their visibility in the snow
  • A discrete GIN logo in the centre of the leading edge helps you to rapidly identify the middle of the kite when folding, even in strong wind
  • Color code for each kite sizes complemented it by 2 beautiful deep blue and light blue shades


  • The skin construction reduces the weight of almost 50% of a standard foil kite
  • The cells on the wingtips cancel out the vibrations and the noisy flapping
  • The profile of the SHAMAN 3 allows for a super stable kite with a huge depower
  • The intermediate aspect ratio offers an impressive performance
  • Constructed according to Swiss design and with high-quality materials (Skytex 38 cloth from Porcher, France)
  • Developed for the GIN ICED BAR V3, certified according to European norm (AFNOR)
  • 5th line quick release system that allows you to land the kite with an extremely low residual power, even in strong winds
  • 5th line system to maintain the kite on the ground without any effort
  • Comes with a compression strap and a light inner bag

Thanks to the SHAMAN 3, you will win on all fronts:

  • Lightness
  • Performance (no noisy flapping)
  • Stability
  • Safety

SHAMAN 3: Get ready to discover the new snowkiting dimensions!


The wind range is only an indication. It varies with weight and skill level of the rider as well as with the wind and snow conditions on the spot.

  • SHAMAN 3 4m: 4-30 KN
  • SHAMAN 3 6m: 3-22 KN
  • SHAMAN 3 9m: 3-18 KN
  • SHAMAN 3 12m: 3-15 KN


Recommended Bar: GIN Ace Shaman  


GIN SHAMAN 3 Kite Snow-Land - single skin foil

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