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GlideSoul 1mm Neoprene Leggings Women's Pink/Silver
The GlideSoul Collection was created for women who enjoy active lifestyle. Our neoprene leggings are crafted from the high quality neoprene. They shape and support you body to create a flawless silhouette. Neoprene pants stay put and offer the unparalleled body confidence irrespective of the activity you are engaged into.


Additional Features

  • Neoprene: L-foam, Ultra thin neoprene 0,5mm, Soft and Stretch.
  • Silicone lines are used in the inner ankles areas. They prevent sliding.
  • Very soft, flexible and soft & durable flatlock seams.
  • Feels like regular fitness leggings, super stretchy. Provides no movements restrictions

GlideSoul 1mm Neoprene Leggings / Pants Women's Pink/Silver

$129.00 Regular Price
$76.00Sale Price
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