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Goya Volar Pro 2018

Construction: Pro Full Carbon


The Goya Volar is a beautifully light and stiff freeride board.  The volume flow is moderately wide and very thin in the rails, allowing for incredible bite and grip in the turns- If you like pushing hard through the jibes, the Volar won't disappoint, with near wave board handling and grip when it is on rail!  Combine that with more than ample straight line speed, and tons of control in rough water, and you end up with an instant "Classic" freeride board!


Manufacturer's Comments:

Volar Pro
Freeride Single

The newly launched Volar is our ultimate Windsurf Board, to learn, grow and be enjoyed at all levels.

The board is fast and accelerates with each gust of wind. On a straight line or jibing, the board rides naturally and stable, giving the rider all the confidence to push their own level at every move. With its thinner profile, on the water or the air the new Volar feels like an extension of your body.

Each shape was individually created to match its conditions, giving the larger volume sizes the wider, early planing and balance needed in those conditions, while the smaller two sizes increased bottom curve ride add the joy and ease for the rougher days. All boards come with top of the line full carbon construction so you can enjoy these new shapes like a pro. The Volar matches best with the Nexus Freeride.

Available in 105, 115, 130, 145 liters.

Available in red.



Pro Full Carbon

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDS™ Full Deck Sandwich and FRS™ Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for ultimate rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring a glass monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area and biaxial carbon reinforcements around the foot straps for heel impact resistance. Outside deck lamination featuring FCD™ Full Carbon Deck coverage using seamless biaxial carbon sheets and a glass monocoque covering the rear two thirds of the deck.

Bottom specifications featuring FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich in single thickness for light weight. Inside bottom lamination featuring glass fin area load distribution. Outside bottom lamination featuring fin area reinforcements. Nose reinforced by 5 layers. Tail reinforced by 7 layers. This ultra advanced performance construction combines supreme light weight, an unsurpassbale crisp feel and great durability, placing these boards above and beyond industry standards. Featured on Carrera, Volar, Bolt.

 Volume (L)Length (cm)Width (cm)Weight (kg)SailFin (cm)
115249. - 8.538
13025077.37.66.0 - 9.042
145252.585.987.0 - 10.046


NOTE: Board freight starts at just $150!

Goya Volar Pro 2018 -Windsurf Carbon Board

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