The HYPERFLEX AMP Boot is a High-Performing and Feature-Rich Surf Boot. Building on over a decade of success, the AMP Boot design has stood the test of time. This didn't stop HYPERFLEX improving it yet again. The Fit-and-Finish is Better-than-Ever, and they gave it features that keep you Warmer, More-Comfortable, and Surfing as though you were barefoot. If you want the best, go with the AMP Boot.

The AMP 2mm Low Reef Surf Boot uses AMP-Foam a Neoprene engineered for Improved Warmth and Durability with focus on Comfort and Complete-Flexibility for Maximum Range-of-Motion and Control. The Boot has a Diamond-Skin Sole which provides Excellent-Traction and Protection without Losing-Feeling and Control. Miniature Diamond-Shaped Channels provide Consistent-Grip in All-Directions while allowing Water-to-Migrate-Away from In-Between the Boot and the Board.

With EXO-Shell+ Membrane, a Vulcanized Heel Lock Membrane Structure that Connects to the Upper-Arch Strap for Maximum Adjustability, Fit and Support. GBS Seams (Glued and Blind Stitched), HYPERFLEX Double-Glue and Blind-Stitch All-Seams using a Single-Needle which does not Puncture a Hole All-the-Way-Through the Neoprene which Prevents-Water from Leaking-In while also Maintaining-a-Highly Flexible and Low-Profile Construction. P4 Thermal Lining is a Soft Microfiber Fleece for Extra-Cushion-and-Comfort with Heat-Boosting Insulation Properties. The AMP 2mm Low Reef Surf Boot has a Barrel-Lock Cinch Ankle Closure, is available in Multiple Sizes and is covered by a 12 month limited warranty.

Hyperflex 2mm AMP Low Reef Surf Windsurf Kitesurf Boot

$49.99 Regular Price
$42.99Sale Price
  • Hyperflex 2mm AMP Low Reef Surf Boot, Black/Yellow Features

    • High-Performing and Feature-Rich Surf Boot
    • Fit-and-Finish is Better-than-Ever
    • Warmer, More-Comfortable
    • Surf as though your Barefoot!
    • AMP-Foam Neoprene:
      Engineered for Improved Warmth and Durability
      Comfort and Complete-Flexibility
      Maximum Range-of-Motion and Control
    • Diamond-Skin Sole:
      Excellent-Traction and Protection
      No Lose Feeling and Control
      Miniature Diamond-Shaped Channels
      Channels Provide Consistent-Grip in All-Directions
      Allows Water-to-Migrate-Away from In-Between the Boot and the Board
    • EXO-Shell+ Membrane:
      Vulcanized Heel Lock Membrane Structure
      Connects to Upper-Arch Strap for Maximum Adjustability, Fit and Support
    • GBS Seams (Glued and Blind Stitched):
      Double-Glue and Blind-Stitch
      Single-Needle Dose Not Puncture Holes All-the-Way-Through the Neoprene
      Prevents-Water from Leaking-In
      Maintains Highly Flexible and Low-Profile Construction
    • P4 Thermal Lining:
      Soft Microfiber Fleece
      Provides Extra-Cushion-and-Comfort
      Heat-Boosting Insulation Properties
    • Barrel-Lock Cinch Ankle Closure
    • Available in Multiple Sizes
    • Color: Black/Yellow
    • 1 Year Limited Warranty
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