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The Mystic Warrior harness has been around the proverbial block more than a few times.  Wait did I use that in the right context.... Well reguardless, this Harrness is a tried and true classic, with unbeatable comfort.  


What Mystic has to say about the Warrior Waist Harness:

The Warrior is Mystic’s old faithful; this has been the best selling and most comfortable harness in the Mystic harness collection since day one. We believe that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, so we didn’t. However, we did make it better. It’s even more comfortable and it had a stylish makeover. The 2015 Warrior will undoubtedly be another killer product.

Mystic Warrior Waist Harness - Black

$274.95 Regular Price
$212.95Sale Price
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