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One of each left in stock of the very popular closed-cell foil Kite PETER LYNN NOVA

Note: Closed cell kite that you can kite both on land as snowkite and in water.


What PLKB says: The Nova is our new, unique depower foil kite. This one-of-a-kind foil was designed to unite all the benefits of LEIs, like accessibility, ease of use, and stability, with all the advantages of foils: better upwind, downwind, low wind performance, and float.

When designing the Nova we had one goal in mind, to build a foil dedicated to speed up the learning curve of hydro foiling and that provides the best freeride feeling a foil can offer. It offers a stable and reliable riding experience in which you can focus on your board technique rather than on controlling your kite. If you want to spend more time above water but fear the foil, this is the kite for you.



This is quite a specific kite programmed for hydrofoiling, but if you’re looking to open up your riding window without the complication of a race kite, this is a really good option that won’t break the bank. Stable and easy – you can really push your light wind limits.

KW LIKED: Total confidence with the kite overhead and at the side of the window in light winds – completely different to most LEI kites.

KW WOULD CHANGE: We didn’t find the boost button as easy as some foil kites, but in reducing that extreme forward flight speed and lift, the Nova has become a super easy kite for most people to use with their foils.



Build quality: 8
Full package: 7.5
Low end: 9
Top end: 6
Steering speed: 3.5
Turning circle: 6
Bar pressure: 5
Water relaunch: 7 (foils are pretty good at relaunching as long as it doesn’t get washed by a wave – you just need to learn the technique)
Drift: DT
Boost: 4
Hang-time: 6
Unhooked: DT
Crossover: 3
Ease of use: 7.5 (For freeride foiling)

Peter Lynn Foil Kite NOVA Kitesurfing SnowKite LandKite

$999.99 Regular Price
$824.00Sale Price
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