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PLKB Kite Pump Kite

Kite pump with a two-way system and a pressure gauge which allowed the achievement of the target results, parameters of the pumped equipment.

Protection against the ingress of sand and other residues, so significantly extending the service life.


Technical Feature:

  • Capacity 2x2300cm3
  • Height 50cm
  • Leash to secure the kite while inflating, 52 cm long
  • Pressure gauge up to 13 PSI
  • 2 nozzles allow you to inflate any kite with a standard valve



  • Pressure gauge
  • Pumps air in two directions
  • 2 nozzles
  • Leash to secure the kite
  • Possibility of inflating inflatable boats, mattresses

PLKB Kite Pump with pressure gauge Kitesurf

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