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Ride Engine Momentum V2 Kiteboarding Harness (Only Harness)


Our momentum went on a diet, too, dropping 10% of its weight through critical analysis of its components and replacement, whenever possible, with lighter, leaner materials at no compromise. The momentum is still our best-in-class soft-shell harness, built for those riders who desire the locked-in fit of a Ride Engine hard shell but also want maximum freedom and flex. The Momentum offers the same scientifically shaped Lumbar Lock back support and fits via a molded internal support plate. The Momentum harness connects directly without Unity Spreader Bar for state-of-the-art connectivity (although if you're stuck in the past and want to use your old webbing-closure spreader bar, the Momentum does work with it as well). 



Product Features

  • Lighter Weight: 10% lighter, on average, without any reduction in performance or durability. 
  • Lumbar Lock: A scientifically supported data shape from more than 1000 custom molds, the Lumbar Lock conforms and cradles your lumbar, back and sides to lock the harness securely in place.  These enhanced ergonomics ensure that you get the maximum support out of your harness - no more harness sliding side-to-side or riding up.
  • Low-Profile Design:  Low-Profile framework contributes to a perfect fit for maximum mobility while keeping the harness locked in place and eliminating pressure points. 
  • Unity Spreader Bar Compatible: The Momentum is designed to be used without Unity Spreader Bar but can also be used with an old-style webbing-closure spreader bar if desired. 
  • Handle-Pass, Front-Mounted Leash Attachments: For freestyle riders, the harness comes with a handle-pass-leash mount around the back (which is easy to remove for windsurfing), it also has two front-mounted leash attachment points for use when a short leash is utilized.
  • Fusion Memory Foam: Super soft, the ergonomic foam conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold. 
  • Full Neoprene Wrap: Minimal-seam construction of a full-neoprene wrap conforms to the body creating a rash-free interface. 
  • Internal Waist-Belt Strap: An internal, single-closure waist-belt strap provides a secure fit and easy entry and adjustment.
  • Hook-knife Pocket: Easy access hook-knife pocket location. 

Ride Engine Momentum V2 Kiteboarding Harness

$221.00 Regular Price
$198.49Sale Price
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