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The Shred Sled 3:1 foil boards give you the freedom to pick your foiling pleasure. The compact, squared off shape is perfect for wing, windsurf, or SUP foiling. No matter what power source you choose, spend less time stuck to the water and more time gliding above it. Windsurfers and wingers will enjoy the tri-strap style footstrap inserts, while SUP foilers will enjoy the freedom of movement of unstrapped riding. Everyone benefits from the inset bottom carry handle that allows for easy entry and exit from the water. With a Shred Sled in your trunk, you are ready to conquer whatever conditions the day throws your way.

Why You'll Love It

  • Three Foil Sports solution in one board.
  • Tri-Footstrap Inserts.
  • Bottom Carry Handle for easy launching and landing.
  • Extended Foil Tracks to perfectly position any foil for all three sports.



Does NOT include foil track hardware or footstraps.

Slingshot Shred Sled V2 Windsurf Board hydrofoil foil board

$2,333.00 Regular Price
$1,303.00Sale Price
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