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A foil offering maximum performance in all conditions, excellent gliding and speed, with the best quality to price ratio of the JOY range.


This is a complete Packafe Deal!!!!!  Board and Foil.

The JOY Carbon 90 is the result of TAAROA's years of experience in manufacturing foils. The Carbon HR 90 KF mast and Aluminium 60 KF fuselage provide excellent rigidity, stability, and minimal drag. It's also equipped with the Carbon Hybrid Freeride 62 KF front wing and Carbon HR Freeride 34 KF stabilizer. This combination delivers excellent versatility, stability, speed and dynamic control in all conditions. This foil is designed with our signature vFIX system (staggered front wing mounting screws which enable greater resistance to torsion) as well as our QUICK & PRECISE adjustment system for the stabilizer (more or less lift depending on the mounting position on the fuselage). The mast plate mount fits with boards equipped with rails. The mast is equipped with the SKM system (Standard Kite Mount) which lets riders mount other wings and fuselages from the JOY kitefoil range - all components of this foil are compatible with the entire JOY family. As with every TAAROA foil, the JOY Carbon 90 comes with a transport bag, mast & wings come with a protective cover.

Taaroa Hydrofoil Joy Carbon 90 + PEAK 130 Complete Package - FOIL & BOARD )

$2,599.00 Regular Price
$1,799.00Sale Price
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