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At Captain Kirk's Water Sports, we carry the best Surf/Windsurf/Kitesurf/Water Sports sunglasses in the market.  Our selection of sunglasses are specially designed goggles that protect your eyes in and around water, including polarized lenses that reduce glare caused by water and wet surfaces. Shop Today 

Surfers are often exposed to prolonged sunlight. Sun rays are magnified by the reflective ocean surface causing pterygiums and cataracts in many ocean sports enthusiasts.

Protecting your eyes with effective surf sunglasses is compulsory. Did you know that reflection and scattering of UV rays off water can increase UV exposure by 25 percent?

So, what makes a safe pair of sunglasses for surfing? The quality of the lenses, the ventilation system, the quality of the rubber ear stems, the weight and the floatability of the spectacles. Cheap shades may cause irreversible damage to your eyes, for example, starting with headaches.

The perfect surf sunglasses will not distort vision and will always ensure a perfect fit.

The best way to prevent fogging from your surfing specs is by choosing a model with proper ventilation. Don't buy surf sunglasses that look good but close all the angles around vision with plastic.

Secure leashes, removable straps and good floatation are interesting add-ons but are not critical. Eyewear for surfers and water sports enthusiasts focus on impact-resistant, light, polycarbonate lenses.

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